The Testimony of Khuzaymah

Once the Prophet was going to buy something from a Bedouin merchant, and the Prophet (saw) said hold on and let me go get the money. In the meantime the merchant sold the goods to someone for a higher price.

When the Prophet (saw) returned to get the goods, the Bedouin merchant said I’ve sold your stuff, the Prophet (saw) but you told me you were going to sell the goods to me. The merchant said do you have any witnesses to prove I said that? The Prophet (S) then asked for anyone who had witnessed the conversation. One Sahabi came forward by the name of Khuzaymah, he didn’t witness the conversation, but he said I believe you are the Rasulallah, so that is enough for me to believe whatever you say.

The Prophet (saw) said Khuzaymah your testimony is equal to that of 2 people! The Prophet (saw) didn’t make issue out of the merchant incident and let it go.

Years later after the death of the Prophet (saw), when Zaid ibn Thabit (ra) has been appointed to compile the Qur’an into a book form so it will be preserved in writing and not just memory, before he puts any verse down as part of the Qur’an he confirms from 2 Sahabah per verse (meaning 2 Sahabah have to vouch for each verse in the Qur’an).

Zaid then comes to a verse and he cannot find a single Sahabi to vouch for it, but he knows of the verse. Zaid was a hafidh and heard it from the Prophet (saw) himself, but he still wanted 2 Sahabah to confirm. Then out comes Khuzaymah and says “yes!, I heard this verse from the Prophet (saw) and it was also known to Zaid and others that Khuzaymah was given the honor of being the one whose testimony is equal to 2 people from the Prophet (saw) himself!


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