Khadijah bint Khuwaylid: The Perfect Woman

One of the mothers of the believers was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (ra). Khadijah (ra) was the wife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). She was an ideal wife and amongst the first people to have accepted Muhammad (saw) as the final Prophet. She put herself in danger to be supportive of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) when he was spreading his message. Khadijah (ra) spent all her earnings on the orphans, the widowed, the poor, and the sick. Khadija (ra) had asked the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to marry her when she was 28 years. The narration of her being 28 at the time of her marriage to the Prophet (saw) is the strongest and is also the opinion of the famed Seerah historian Ibn Ishaq. 

As mentioned previously, she was the ideal wife and mother. It should be noted, that prior to marrying the Prophet (saw) she had been married as well. She was a very competent and wise woman who took great care of her household with the Prophet (saw). The most famous story is in regards to how she comforted the Messenger of Allah (swt) when he first received revelation from Angel Jibreel. After being inspired on Mount Hira, he (saw) ran home sweating and shaking. He then called out to Khadijah (ra) asking her to shield and “cover” him with a blanket. When he calmed down a bit he told her exactly what he had just witnessed. Khadijah (ra) being the patient, loyal individual comforted our beloved Prophet (saw) and reassured the Prophet (saw) that Allah (swt) would surely protect him. Such was the mother of all Muslims, subhan’Allah.

The Prophet (saw) and Khadijah (ra) were blessed with many children. It is agreed that in total the Prophet (saw) and Khadijah had 6 children (2 sons and 4 daughters), of which only the 4 daughters survived to adulthood. As Muslims we all know that the daughters of the Prophet (saw) were Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kulthum and Fatimah. All of the daughters emigrated to Madinah during the hijrah as well. 

Khadijah (ra) had passed away at the age of 65. Her death coincided with the death of the Prophet’s (saw) uncle, Abu Talib. Both of these personalities were instrumental in encouraging the Prophet (saw) early on (even though Abu Talib didn’t accept the message). Due to their deaths, that year came to be known as the “Year of Sorrow.” Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw Khadijah (ra) nearing death and told her that this is all part of Allah’s plan. She looked into his eyes and then passed away. She was buried in the graveyard around the area of Hujjun very near to Makkah. 

Even after her death, the Prophet (saw) would remember her and her supportive behavior. On an occasion he remembered Khadijah (ra) praise in Aisha’s (ra) presence. In response, Aisha (ra) made some unpleasant remarks about her and how she had passed. However, to this our Prophet (saw) would respond,

 “I have not yet found a better wife than her. She had faith in me when everyone, even members of my own family and tribe did not believe me, and accepted that I was truly a Prophet and a Messenger of Allah. She converted to Islam, spent all her wealth and worldly goods to help me spread this faith, and this too at a time when the entire world seemed to have turned against me and persecuted me. And it is through her that Allah blessed me with children.”

May Allah (swt) allow us to be in the company of Khadijah (ra) in the hereafter, and may he guide the female Muslim youth of today to emulate her in as many ways, Ameen.


2 thoughts on “Khadijah bint Khuwaylid: The Perfect Woman

  1. MashaAllah, MashaAllah! Beautiful, beautiful!!! May Allah SWT makes us better Muslim women and in the company of Khadijah. May Allah guide and bless the Muslim humah and the women! Jazakallah khairan!


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