Family Time

The Day of Judgment is near as we all know. One of the signs that is already occurring has to do with husbands favoring their wives over their mothers. Most of us have heard stories about people getting married and right after they get married, they do everything their wife says and forget about everyone else. Some married couples may have elderly parents living with them which is a huge blessing from Allah (swt). However, many times, the couples will show no attention to the parents. Some couples don’t even allow their parents to live with them as some say it’ll “disrupt their lives.” Allah (swt) will bless a marriage more when a couple takes care of each other’s parents. Our parents have raised us and taken care of us and so in their old age it is our responsibility to look after them.
Another Day of Judgment sign similar to this is being closer to friends instead of family. This too, happens very much sadly in todays societies. A lot of people find so much happiness being with friends and leaving their parents and families home alone. It’s always okay to go out moderately and socialize but we shouldn’t be leaving our parents alone every single day. We need to appreciate socializing with our families. Talking to them and helping them out around the house. It’s all for Allah (swt) at the end of the day. Only Allah (swt) knows the great reward for spending time with family and caring for parents.


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