Suraqa and the Bracelets of Qisra

When the Prophet (saw) was migrating to Madinah with Abu Bakr (ra) they were being hunted down in the desert. The Quraysh had recruited a bedouin by the name of Suraqa ibn Malik to chase down the Prophet (saw) and Abu Bakr (ra). The reward for capturing them both was 100 camels which was A LOT.

During the journey, Abu Bakr (ra) would constantly turn around and make sure no one was pursuing them. The Prophet (saw) was completely at ease and would be reciting Qur’an the whole time. When Suraqa ibn Malik closed in on them, the front legs of his horse sank into the sand and he fell. This was very odd, because his horse had never done this before. So he got back on his horse and the same thing happened! The third time he got on his horse, he saw a huge curtain of dust in front of him that blinded him. After this, he gradually approached the Prophet (saw) peacefully and pleaded for peace and a pledge of protection. Subhan’Allah, how his intentions changed! And so the Prophet (saw) gave Suraqa ibn Malik the promise of protection from any future violence in writing.

As Suraqa ibn Malik was leaving the Prophet (saw) turned to him and said, “What about the day when you will be wearing the bracelets of Qisra!” There was only one Qisra (King of Persia) in the world. He was one of the most powerful men on Earth. Suraqa couldn’t believe what he had heard so he exclaimed, “Qisra?!?!?!” Our beloved Messenger (saw) responded, “Yes, Qisra, son of Hormuz.”

These were some very famous and expensive bracelets. They were worn by the Persian Kings who would wear them to show off their power. For Suraqa ibn Malik this wasn’t believable at all.

Years passed. The Prophet (saw) had sadly passed away as well. Islam’s rays had risen in Persia. Suraqa ibn Malik was now Muslim as well. One day when one of the armies from Persia had returned the war booty, it just so happened that amongst the booty were the famed bracelets of Qisra. Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra) who was Khalifah at the time, ordered Suraqa ibn Malik to be brought forth. Suraqa ibn Malik was then shown the bracelets and he wore them and would tell people about his story and how the Prophet (saw) predicted him wearing them. On that day, a Bedouin from the desert was wearing the prestigious bracelets of Qisra. This was the promise of Allah’s (swt) Messenger (saw).


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