Morals and Manners

One of the many things outlined and emphasized heavily in Islam is good morals and manners. Having good morals and manners acts as a deterrence to vices and moral corruption and degradation. By following the Qur’an and the lives of the Prophet (saw) and his wise companions, we are able to nurture our soul to combat the evil we may be inclined to.
Islam has urged humans to follow the divine code and instructions that were sent down to humans from the heavens. An individuals manners are very indicative of their level of closeness to Allah (swt). Ill-mannered individuals live in a state of conflict. There ends up being a conflict between that person and society. Society shuns a person with poor manners and as a result that person falls further from the deen. To elaborate on this, the more perfect the person’s manners are, the more perfect his/her nearness to Allah (swt). This is because Allah (swt) is attributed with all the perfect qualities. Similarly, the worst a person’s manners are, the further that person will be from Allah (swt) and his Messenger (saw). Good manners are a way for an individual to perfect iman and gain taqwa. For a detailed description on how people should behave, one should refer to Surah Hujurat which outlines moral conduct and how humans should interact with one another.

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