Qur’anic Divisions

We all come from different backgrounds where we hear different terms about the Qur’an being divided. Many of us are especially familiar with the concept of the Juz. In Urdu, this would be called the “siparah.” However the Qur’an is divided in even more ways. We also know that each surah is designated as being Makki or Madani based off its place of revelation.

Juz or Siparah

There are 30 Juz (Ajza’a is plural in Arabic). This form of division is especially useful for trying to read the Qur’an throughout 30 days or 30 weeks. It’s common in Ramadan for the imam in taraweeh to finish 1 Juz every night. That way, they are able to finish the Qur’an by the end of the month.


The Qur’an is also divided in 7 parts which are called manzils (manazil is plural in Arabic). This division is much longer. Ideally for the person who reads a lot of Qur’an they should be able to finish the Qur’an in 7 days if they adhere to trying to finish according to the manzils. Most people try and finish according to the Juz since it is shorter.


Hizb’s are half the Juz. Each hizb is made up of four quarters known as Rub’. There are 60 hizbs in the Qur’an. A helpful strategy in Ramadan is reading one hizb in the morning and one hizb at night therefore finishing one Juz in a day

May Allah (swt) make us people of the Qur’an and increase our love and knowledge of His book, ameen.



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