Art of Perspective

As large portions of this world are under lockdown many of the problems we are encountering can be viewed from various lenses. It’s hard to be positive in the current situation we’re in. Nevertheless, what’s the worst that the COVID19 pandemic can do? For example now, if we encounter empty food shelves in the supermarket, perhaps we can fast in that case? If we’re stuck in quarantine for days on end, we can view it simply as being in seclusion with Allah (swt) and dedicate more time to Him. IF we get the virus, that can be viewed as being expiation for our sins, may Allah (swt) protect us all from the virus, ameen. Lastly, if we die from the virus, then we can be ranked with the shuhada (The people who died for Islam). These basic perspective changes can really dictate how well we adapt and cope with the challenges around us. It’s not even limited to this pandemic. This can be applied to any hardship that we may encounter. There’s always an Islamic blessing and wisdom that can be applied. May Allah (swt) protect us and keep us steadfast on the deen.


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