Lessons from the Prophet’s Uncles

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) had a very large family. There is a lot of wisdom to be take from the lives of his 4 uncles lived to witness their nephew’s message. Out of his 4 uncles, 2 were Muslim and 2 were non-Muslim


  1. Abu Talib: The story of Abu Talib is one of extreme sorrow and sadness. He was extremely attached to the Prophet (saw) and was in fact one of his biggest supporters early in the Makkan period. He was the one protecting force for the Prophet (saw). No one dated harm the Prophet (saw) out of respect for Abu Talib. His story becomes sad in the fact that he did everything right, but for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately he never embraced Islam and died upon disbelief. Abu Talib’s example shows us that perseverance is a noble trait when done for the right reasons.
  2. Abu Lahab: From what is known about him, he was handsome. However, he probably had the worst character. What’s so messed up about him is that he knew that Islam was true yet still vowed to fight Islam with a strong hate. By fighting Islam and the Prophet (saw) he believed that he was honoring his traditions and values. Abu Lahab’s life teaches us the danger in blindly believing falsehood, when the truth is evidently in front of you. He is even condemned for his stubbornness and horrid behavior in Surah al-Masad.

May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he.

His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.

He will enter to burn in a Fire of blazing flame.

And his wife (as well) the carrier of firewood

Around her neck is a rope of (twisted) fiber

Surah al-Masad


  1. Hamza: He was nicknamed Asad-Allah which means Lion of Allah. He was a strong and brave man and embraced Islam when he heard Abu Jahal insult the Prophet (saw). He realized that if a person like Abu Jahal insulted the Prophet (saw) so harshly, then Islam can only be the truth. Following his conversion he dedicated his life to defending Islam and fighting against the enemies of Islam. He was martyred at the Battle of Uhud. Hamza (ra) life teaches us the importance of bravery and courage, in addition to standing up for the truth.
  2. Abbas: Abbas was the uncle that the Prophet (saw) interacted with the most. He was instrumental in helping the Prophet (saw) behind the scenes. There is a lot of difference of opinion about when he accepted Islam in secret in comparison to his public conversion. His life teaches us the importance of using whatever resources we’re blessed with. He protected his nephew, maintained his status, and was a Muslim.

Subhan’Allah, we all know of people whos traits resemble those of some of the uncles of the Prophet (saw). In each of our families and friends we know a Abu Talib, Abu Lahab, Hamza, and Abbas. Some will be there for us always no matter the circumstance, while others will turn against us and treat us like trash. The lessons from each of their lives should be a guide for each and everyone of us as to how we shape our image and life. Are we protectors or destroyers?


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