Crisis in Sudan

Subhan’Allah it feels like every couple of months there’s another Muslim country that’s on the verge of collapse. This time the African Muslim nation of Sudan is facing a domestic crisis which has caused more than 100 deaths along with hundreds of injuries. In addition, dozens have been raped by forces who claim to be defending the citizens. This is all happening as a result of mostly non-violent protests. According to doctors who have been partaking in the anti-government uprising, at least 40 bodies were dragged out of the Nile River following the bloodshed. Of course, the state news agency reported than the death toll was less than 50.

For those reading who don’t know the background of the conflict, the people of Sudan overthrew longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir in April after months of protests and uprising. However, right after his overthrow, the military came directly into power and promised elections in the coming months which the people of the country were highly skeptical of. Ever since then, the “Transitional Military Council” has been launching offensives against its own people and has at the same time launched an investigation into the violence and offered to resume a dialogue on a transition to democracy, just a day after scrapping all agreements with an opposition alliance.

Military forces have been extremely brutal in the crackdown and have even targeted hospitals. Forces have even open fired inside the city’s East Nile Hospital and had chased peaceful protestors. The government had additionally shut down internet and all outside communication with other countries which has created a sense of global chaos.

In times like these, it’s important for the ummah, and specifically the people of Sudan to not forget about Allah (swt). For those who are outside Sudan, it’s imperative that we all as an ummah spread awareness about the massacres. Logically, the more people who are aware of the conflict will result in more duah for the people of Sudan. We ask Allah (swt) to ease the suffering of the people of Sudan in this dark moment. Ameen


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