The Angry Old Lady

A long time ago, there was an old lady who was walking on a path carrying very heavy goods with her. It became very difficult for her to carry the load, but she was managing. A young man was passing by and asked the old lady if he could help her and she readily accepted.

“It would be such a pleasure to have you come along with me. I accept your gracious offer of kindness and company,” she said. She was very talkative, and out of politeness the young man did not want to interrupt her talking. So he let her talk the entire time they were walking together.

“As we walk, I have one request from you young man. Don’t talk to me about Muhammad! Because of him there is no peace and calmness in my life! My mind is troubled. So please whatever you do, don’t mention Muhammad to me!,” she said. Further along she continued, “Muhammad upsets me so much, you wouldn’t even understand! Everyone keeps talking about him everywhere I go. I hear he’s dividing up people in his clan because he claims that God is one! He’s misleading all the poor, weak and slaves. Everyone who follows him thinks they’ve found some kind of truth and freedom in following him! So please don’t mention Muhammad to me!”

Once they reached their destination, the man helped the woman with her belongings. The old lady couldn’t help but feel so happy that someone had helped her with her heavy load. She had a wide smile across her face and said to the young man, “Thank you, young man. You’ve been so kind. Your generosity and smile is very rare to find these days. Don’t go following Muhammad now.” As the young man turned to walk away, she stopped him before he could leave and asked, “I am so sorry young man, what was your name?” He told her and she stopped dead in her tracks and widened her eyes. She said, “Forgive me, can you repeat that? Your words weren’t very clear. My ears are getting old and sometimes I can’t hear stuff. For a second, I thought you said your name is Muhammad.”

“I am Muhammad,” the Prophet (saw) told the woman. This conversation took place as the lady was shifting her belongings to the outskirts of Makkah due to the spreading message of Islam. Upon witnessing the Prophet’s (saw) character first hand and interacting with him up close, she embraced Islam right there on the spot.


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