The Adhan

The call to prayer. How many of us have truly listened to it? How many of us have ever felt it as a true call from Allah (swt). It calls us to the noblest forms of worship, our salah. Salah puts barakah in our lives.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

This is when Allah (swt) is telling us that He is Greater than anything at that moment. Greater than your work, your problems, and whatever else your occupied with. It serves as a reminder to leave whatever you’re doing and come and worship your Creator. Hypothetically speaking, if our managers at work called us, would we have the audacity to say, “I’ll come later.” Most of us would get up immediately and go to our manager’s office. Same thing applies to our lord. Allah (swt) is calling us to fulfill our purpose of life. Let’t not neglect his call next time, insh’Allah.

Ashadu an la ilaha il Allah

The shahadah. Such a beautiful chain of words. The shahadah is really a gift to us from Allah (swt). It’s the statement by which we can qualify to enter Jannah. When a person genuinely and sincerely keeps it on his/her tongue, you realize that Allah (swt) is the one who your on Earth to serve. You realize he is the true Master and the Compassionate Creator who deserves to be worshipped.

Ashadu anna Muhammad Rasul Allah

We recognize and acknowledge the teachings of our beloved Prophet (saw). He was the example for us to follow. He set the standards and properly manifested the Qur’an in his daily life. We’ve been given such a great example to follow and now it’s up to us to try and emulate him in every way possible. We work on this Earth to achieve Allah’s (swt) pleasure by following the Prophet’s (saw) Sunnah and his manners.

Haya al’as Salah, Haya al’as Salah

Allah (swt) is calling us to taste the sweetness of prayer. Do we properly live the prayer? Does the salah charge our lives? If it doesn’t we need to seriously think and reflect. Many of us don’t realize that salah is the link we have to Allah (swt). Once we are able to taste the sweetness, we will appreciate it a lot more.

Haya al’al Falah, Haya al’al Falah

What is success? For a Muslim, salah is success. Islam is success. The keys to Jannah lie in proper iman and taqwa. If our salah is in top shape on the Day of Judgment, insh’Allah, the rest of our actions will follow in good order, insh’Allah. Salah is success.


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